Every time a man puts his hand down to cut or carve or chisel or guild a house, he must express his own self.
— William Yelland, 1927





In 1925, architect William Yelland designed the Tupper & Reed building for the music store of John C. Tupper and Lawrence Reed. For the next 80 years, Tupper & Reed operated their store - which at times served as a restaurant, concert venue, and artistic community space - in the unique, gothic, storybook setting of their urban cathedral.

Almost a century after its construction, we look to pay homage to this extraordinary space and recapture the magic of Tupper & Reed’s musical and artistic legacy. With every drink we cut or carve or chisel or guild, we look to express our passion for cocktails into a symphony befitting our historic home.

We pride ourselves in the ability to offer a wide range of flavors in both cocktails and spirits. Both familiar (and not so familiar) classics interspersed with modern and progressive offerings. 

If you have a question, ask.

If you have a desire, let us know.

We’re bounded only by the spirits and ingredients on the shelves and our collective imagination… and we’re pretty imaginative.

Welcome to Tupper & Reed.

Join us in something fantastic.

The Tupper & Reed Cocktail Experience

We've been busy to make changes for our Berkeley family; you'll find a pool table, televisions on each side of our Stage Bar, alongside our extensive collection of cocktails and spirits. 

The Balcony Bar will now be made available Fridays and Saturdays. As of January 1st, 2018 we have removed our reservation system and table side service, as to allow for a more open and approachable atmosphere. 

We hope to make your evening with one of our many tipplings offered



Many of our offerings used at Tupper & Reed are available online at

A hands-on learning experience in the world of spirits and cocktails is available at The Beverage Academy